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Helping those with property damage claims

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Sprinkler Failure? Broken pipe? Appliance malfunction? Water damage can strike at anytime, anywhere! There is no question that water damage can cause panic for all property owners. Don't just wait and allow the damages to worsen. Let United Public Adjusters & Appraisers...


A slight spark, or flame, can cause ensuing damage throughout an entire structure. A fire loss is often the most devastating occurrence that can happen to your home or business. Fire damage requires important quick decisions which can lead to consequences in your claim...


United Public Adjusters has negotiated over $100 million in insurance claims, supplements, and denied claim reversals. When dealing with catastrophes such as tropical storms Irene and Sandy, you must have experts like us on your side when you are hit with a disastrous storm.


Mold can grow almost anywhere there is moisture, water damage, high humidity or dampness. Traditionally, the insurance industry has stricter limitations when dealing with property mold damages. Don't let your insurance company restrict you from receiving proper payment.

United Public Adjusters

in New York has negotiated over $100 million in insurance claim settlements, supplement settlements, and denied claim reversals from fires, floods, & mold damage to recent disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes. We helped many residential customers and business owners after Hurricane Irene and Hurricane Sandy hit New York.


It's not too late to get you properly paid! The Insurance Company is a COMPANY. Companies are in business to make PROFITS! Insurance Companies have their own adjusters and team of "experts". You are entitled to your own EXPERTS! WHY DON'T YOU Call United Public Adjusters in New York TODAY! We handle all types of insurance claims.



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What is a Public Adjuster?

Public adjusters are adjusters who work solely for the policy holder and not the insurance carrier. A public adjuster is an expert that you retain to assist you in the preperation, presentation and adjustment of your insurance claim.

Questions that can help you
maximize your settlement


What is a Public Adjuster?

United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, Inc. are licensed and bonded property damage experts on loss adjustments and recovery. Our team is employed solely by the policyholder, not the insurance company.  We assist you in preparing, filing, documenting, appraising, estimating, negotiating and managing the payments of insurance claims arising from your property damages. Whether you are a business owner with a commercial claim, or a homeowner looking to settle a residential claim, our public adjusters will fight for the settlement that you deserve.

Why Should I hire a Public Adjuster?

You can certainly handle the claim on your own, but our team has expertise and understanding of policy language, construction, estimating, and knowledge of the industry standards and laws that will maximize your claim to its full potential. There have been a number of documented unethical business practices with insurance companies. Insurance companies are known to deny valid claims, prolong the policyholders claim process, and confuse customers to avoid fair compensation.

Will my loss be settled faster with the services of a Public Adjuster?

Yes, of course! Majority of individuals have trouble understanding the technical terms and language of an insurance policy. We can help you understand your policy better and the complicated insurance language. As your representation, we will make sure you adhere to all the policy terms and requirements within your policy.

Can a public adjuster help me understand my policy?

A Public Adjuster knows exactly what to provide to the insurance company in order to expedite the settlement of your claim. A great deal of time can be saved by having our professionals handle your loss. With our cooperation, we will quickly, diligently, and fiercely have your claim filed and the settlement process underway.

Will I have to pay for your services if you are unable to collect money from the insurance company?

We are paid only a percentage of your recovery. Therefore, if there is no recovery settlement for your loss, there is no fee due to our company. We only collect a fee if we are able to negotiate a reimbursement for your damages from your insurance company for you.  You have nothing to lose!

Should I wait for the insurance company to make an offer before reaching out for your services?

The sooner the better when dealing with a claim! Early involvement of a Public Adjuster will significantly reduce the stress of your claim. The experience and knowledge needed to accurately determine if a settlement offer is fair is quite substantial. Often, policyholders who do not use our services settle for a less without even realizing the true potential of dollars they could have received. A Public Adjuster will help you obtain the money you truly deserve and keep your time stress-free.

If I already received an offer from my insurance company, is it too late for a Public Adjuster to help?

Absolutely not! A Public Adjuster can re-open your claim for supplemental payments as long you did not sign a notarized final release. Once involved with the loss, we will notify the insurance company of our representation and schedule a re-inspection of your damages. It is however more difficult to negotiate once a claim has already been offered. As you can see from our proven results, we have filed numerous supplements and have achieved substantial percentage increases as well as assisting in reversing claim denials.

Do I have to pay up front?

No. Our adjusters are not paid until the money is collected from your insurance company. In fact, we spend our own money and time documenting and resolving your claim before we are paid. Our fees come in the form of a percentage if a settlement is agreed upon. This means you do not owe us anything, if we earn you nothing from your claim.